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This course bundle provides actionable advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle to help you get to the root causes of your digestive issues

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Getting back to basics can reveal diet misconceptions. 

Start to regain your health by understanding basic biochemistry and how nutrition affects it. This might mean learning about macronutrient, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as what to eat, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle improvements. This online resource has been designed to provide standalone actions for you and your family on your path to health.

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Track your progress to support your understanding. 

Complete health assessment to see where your root cause may be, re-visit them whenever you need, This resource is for anyone who wants some nutritional insights to inspire them to take charge of the own health. Familiarising yourself with some basic tenants of the digestive process allowing you to effectively navigate the world of health claims and remedies!

Three Steps to Health

My courses have been devised to provide a base understanding of nutrition that you can use every day to guide your eating habits.

Course A- Digestion, Absorption and Elimination

This course is for anyone wishing to get to the root cause of their digestive problems and to understand why most chronic illness starts in the gut.

Course B When and What to Eat

What even economy tell hard.

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Stress & Immunity
  • Proactive lifestyle protocols

Course C The Five R Protocol


For anyone wishing to get to the root cause of their digestive problems & understand why chronic illness starts in the gut.

This is a comprehensive course, discussing some complex processes, but they are broken down into easy to digestible sections!

Most of us know we should eat a healthy diet and we know what an unhealthy diet is. This alone does not inspire us to choose wisely because we lack one ingredient – understanding. It’s not only important to consume a nutrient rich diet but it is vital to be able to absorb those nutrients and just as crucial, be able eliminate the waste products of metabolism.


About Digestion


Nutritious Food

In this course I talk in depth about the foods that cause problems for your gut, the ones that cause inflammation in the rest of your body. Some of my recommendations may go against some of the dietary guidelines of the last 50 years. But I would ask you to look around, are we a healthy nation? Or should we be looking at the traditional wisdom from 100 plus years ago?

Many people give up on a ‘healthy diet’ saying that it didn’t work for them I will show you where the problems lie and what support you need to correct it.

When we think about our health or worry about any future ill health, we may think about heart disease, diabetes, a stroke, cancer or even Dementia but rarely, if ever do we concern ourselves about the ins and outs of digestion! But there is a connection.

By completing this course, you will understand these connections, you will have the knowledge to regain your health.


your health

What I hope for you is to understand how the digestive system works and what foods and lifestyle choices support perfect digestion. Knowing how poor digestion affect your body and your mind, you will be inspired and motivated to make better choices and help your family to do the same.



You may have a diagnosed digestive disorder, Crohn’s, Colitis or IBS but their root causes may be in the function of the stomach or even the mouth!

Food is not just about calories and maintaining a healthy weight, in fact a healthy weight has very little to do with “calories in and calories out”! Food is information, used to maintain structure, function and health. Hormones have a key role in maintaining health and function. Our body makes approx. 50 hormones and the raw materials must be eaten, broken down and absorbed by our digestive system.

Your body would operate in a very different way on 1800 calories take-aways, sweets, doughnuts and sweetened drinks rather than 1800 calories home cooked food using fresh ingredients and the occasional treat.

It’s not just the obvious conditions such as bloating or reflux that stem from poor digestion. Conditions such as weak nails and hair, premature aging, mid body weight gain, skin problems and autoimmune diseases, they all have their origins in the gut.


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This course gives you access to all of the educational videos, modules & lessons, I’ve created to help support lasting health through food selection and preparation.

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